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PTS order process was built with 2 Goals in mind:
1.Help you to accomplish your team’s goals, timelines, and requirements.
2.Ensure your gear arrives on time and accurate while fitting great and first rate quality

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4 Ways to Move Forward:

1.Art Mock-Up Request: See what your gear will look like for a $150 deposit. When you place your order, we credit this deposit toward your final balance!

2.Product Sample: If you are still deciding on the perfect company, we advise you to please check out a PTS sample to be confident in our quality! Once the samples have been returned to PTS, this deposit is fully refundable!

3.Early Bird Deposit: Lock in amazing discounts to order later! Great for planners wanting the best deal even during busy season! We credit this money toward your production deposit when you are ready to place your order.

4.Size Samples: Size charts are available, but why take the risk when for only $20 per size you can ensure proper fit & a seamless order. Also, like our product sample deposit, once you return these to us, this deposit is fully refundable!

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