Frequently Asked Questions


Will I Have Help With My Order?

Yes! You work with a Production Representative (in the United States) who serve as the “Quarterback” for your order. They are there to help execute the gameplan to reach success!

What Qualifies My Order As Being "Placed?"

Your order is 100% “placed” when 3 milestones are met:

  1. Artwork is approved.
  2. Sizes & Numbers are submitted on your order form.
  3. 60% Production Deposit is paid and cleared to begin mass production.

How Do I Get Artwork Done?

If you require a brand new design or a design transferred to our templates, we first require a deposit of $150.00 USD. We ultimately offer our art services for FREE if you are committed to ordering with Primetime Sports Apparel. When you place your order with us, this deposit is credited toward your balance as a payment.

After paying the art deposit – You are introduced to one of our PTS Art Coordinators. They guide you through the art process to get mock-ups prepared for each customized piece of gear you are ordering. You can request revisions as you receive your mock-ups for review and give your final approval when everything appears to your satisfaction for production. This process typically takes 0-3 revisions before art is approved, but this process is deeply dependant on good communication to minimize the time taken. We can make changes to the artwork for no additional fee only up until we get into production (i.e. your order deposit is paid and submitted).

Why Do I Have To Pay An Art Deposit If Art Is Free?

If we provide free art to everyone who simply wants to look at designs in our templates, we would not only have to hire more staff to keep up with demand, BUT this does not guarantee that many will actually place an order, thus wasting time for both parties. This would drive up our prices AND greatly extend the timeline of the art process for all.
By requiring a refundable deposit and you paying that deposit, it helps communicate that you are serious about placing an order with us. It allows us to allocate our time accordingly to get you designs you love ultimately at no cost to you!

How Many Times Can I Change The Art?

Our #1 goal is for you to get a product that you are thrilled with. When you receive your mock-up and need revisions, it’s NO PROBLEM! Simply respond to the Art Coordinator with your revisions and we will get them done for you. Art is typically approved within 0-3 major design revisions (this is deeply dependant on good communication and decisiveness). Major design revisions above 4 can result in an additional art deposit that is nonrefundable. You are free to adjust artwork up until it is submitted with an order and placed in our production process. Any changes in art beyond that point can negatively impact timelines and will result in change fees.

How Do I Submit My Order?

We provide you with an easy-to-use Google Sheet (entirely online and customized specifically for you) to enter in any information required for each item you are ordering. This Google Sheet automatically saves and records all changes made with timestamps to ensure order accuracy. Because of these functions, we are unable to accept orders in any format outside of our PTS production forms. Your rep is available to answer questions regarding our forms and we provide you with various instructional videos for guidance as well.

What Are My Options To Start Production?
  1. Full Production – A popular choice when a team or an organization has all funds in place, sizes and numbers have been determined, and they are ready to move into full process and / or is on a tight timeline. An order is eligible for full production when 60% of invoice amount is paid (Production Deposit). If your production deposit is paid, the next factors that need to be met is: the Art, the Mini (product is displayed in pieces to mainly show colors and placement of logos/text in a small scale), and the Full Size Sample (a photograph of 1 produced piece of a product or uniform) must be reviewed and approved on your order form. These approvals by you ensures order accuracy before mass production. Once those factors are approved, PTS will proceed to the mass production of your order.
  2. Partial Production – This is best for teams or organizations that are planning in advance, that do not have sizes and numbers yet, and / or are interested in locking in discount pricing (Monthly Specials) for a future order. In this instance, an Early Bird Deposit (determined by an approximate quantity of players) is paid and that indicates that after artwork is approved, it allows us to proceed straight into Partial Production. Once in Partial Production, we create the Mini and the Full Size Sample for your review and approval. After this part of the process complete, time is saved for when you are ready to place an order. After your production photos are reviewed and approved, your order is placed on hold until the 60% Production Deposit is paid. Early Bird Deposits or any payments made for Partial Production are credited toward your 60% Production Deposit.

What Happens To Deposits I Pay (like Art, Size Samples, Product Samples, etc)?

When the conditions are met for each deposit, the money that you paid for them will be applied to your order as a payment, applied to your account as credit, or refunded to you directly (depending on the deposit).

  • Art: Applied to final balance as a payment after 60% Production Deposit is paid.
  • Early Bird: Applied to your 60% Production Deposit as a payment.
  • Size Samples: After you return our size samples back to us, we apply this amount to your balance, create an account credit for later use, or refund you directly.
  • Product Samples: After you return our product sample(s) back to us, we apply this amount to your balance, create an account credit for later use, or refund you directly.

I've Been Burned! How Can PTS Ensure I Will Get What I Expect?

One of the best things about us is that we own our factory – no outsourcing / middle man insanity! With our production process at PTS, you are ensured accuracy and consistency. Your team or organization will see TWO STAGES of digital photos of your custom product for your review and approval for peace of mind before heading to final production.

  1. Mini Photo For Approval: Team will receive photo of small scale version of the custom product for approval to confirm layout, colors, etc. This stage is NOT to make any changes to the artwork. It is to verify that we properly execute the already approved design. Any changes in design will result in timeline delays and additional charges!
  2. Full Size Sample (FSS) Photo For Approval: After the Mini is approved, you will be sent photos of 1 produced custom product (per each different custom item ordered) from the order in Full Size for approval. Once approved, the order moves into the Final Production Queue to be mass-produced. At this point, we recommend that the order is paid in full so there is no shipment delays.

How long is Production Time?

This may be the thing we are most proud of – our ability to deliver on time – every time. The main reason is we don’t take on more than we can do! Since we own the production, we know what our capacity is at any time. Combine that with honesty with our teams and we are able to be on time all the time. Many times PTS delivers faster than the quoted timelines and proper planning can cut down your timeline drastically when it’s time to place your order. Rushing is the least favorable route for us both! The key is to communicate and plan! During peak production times, an order can take 3-6 weeks to produce unless specified otherwise. Your exact timeline will be quoted by your representative.

When Should I Make The Final Payment?

The team or organization generally pays their final balance after reviewing and approving their Full Size Sample for final production because this indicates the gear will be mass produced from that point.

Since custom gear only ships on cleared payment, PLEASE BE AWARE OF PAYMENT CLEARING TIMES FOR EACH METHOD TO ENSURE NO DELAYS. The recommended payment method for a final balance is to directly deposit money into our Wells Fargo account where the payment can be verified within the same day or next morning and no additional processing fees are charged.

When Will My Items Ship To Me & How Do I Track?

When mass production is complete of all items in your order and the final balance is cleared, your order will ship out to the address that you provide on your order form. Generally this takes 2-5 Business Days transit time via UPS or DHL assuming normal delivery operations and depending on your location. Expedited shipping is possible, but this must be communicated to your rep so the proper charges and arrangements can be made. PTS will provide you with your respective tracking number(s) when your gear ships. We are not responsible for any transit-specific issues that may arise with your shipment(s) (this includes but is not limited to lost packages). We can insure your order for an additional charge as well.

Are Rush Services Available?

It depends on current capacity, but more often than not – They are available for PTS custom sublimated products. Rush services require additional fees and require 100% payment in full to start order. We follow an accelerated version of our process above and for complete success, rushed orders rely on good communication from you and rapid responses.


What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a process by which color sublimation dyes are transferred to a garment (generally white) under the heat and pressure delivered by a commercial heat press. Sublimation only works on garments made of polyester or on specialty objects made of polyester or given a polyester coating. When heat and pressure are applied, the dye on the transfer medium sublimates, or becomes a gas, and is then absorbed into the polyester itself; the print is becomes part of the garment/coating. It doesn’t fade easily, wear, or have any texture or weight.

What is Tackle Twill?

Tackle Twill is essentially a patch that is sewn onto a garment.

What is the Material of the Uniforms?

All of the materials are industry standard, of the highest quality and are sport specific.
Please refer to the following links for more product information:

Can We Get Size Samples?

Yes. You pay us a REFUNDABLE size sample deposit and we will send size samples to you. When the size samples are returned to us, we will refund the payment to your order.

Can We Get Product Samples To Verify Quality?

Yes. You pay us a REFUNDABLE product sample deposit. When the product samples are returned to us, we will refund the payment to you whether you order or not.

Can We Request A Product Sample of OUR DESIGN?

Yes, but this assumes you have paid at least an Early Bird Deposit. The cost is $75.00 USD per custom piece (this covers the item and standard shipping). To have a physical sample of your design is most helpful if you are planning to use for recruiting, showing the product to your sponsors, etc.

What Is The Production Time On The Sample of OUR DESIGN?

Single piece samples are 2-3 weeks.

Do You Have Any Special Discounts?

The short answer: Our gear is already offered at deeply discounted prices simply from being factory direct.

BUT we offer great packages to fit multiple budgets to help you get much more for your money. THE BEST way to save the most money from us is to PLAN your order well in advance! When we advertise that we are offering our lowest prices for a specific sport, we mean it and we want you to reserve those prices ASAP. If you wait until last minute, it will probably cost you / your organization more money and time than if you had planned in advance!

Can I Add More Uniforms Later If We Have Extra Players?

Yes – please keep in mind we have minimum of 10 for our discounted packages and pricing. If you need to purchase 5-9 qty, there is an additional $35 re-setup charge. If you need to do 1-4 qty, there is an additional $60 re-setup charge. We recommend ordering extras (without player names) with your original order to alleviate extra fees in the future.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Cashier’s Check, Certified Check, Money Orders, Approved City / Municipal Purchase Orders, Direct Deposit into our Wells Fargo Account, and Intuit ACH Online Payment.

Can I Change My Order?

Our goals are to help you with your order as quickly and efficiently as we can. With that in mind, we are unable to make changes to your order once submitted. Additions will be handled as an additional order with all applicable charges and processed immediately after proper payment is received.

What Can You Tell Me About COLOR?

Gear photos and mockups shown on our website or your artwork may not exactly match the actual color due to variations and inconsistencies of color monitors, ambient lighting of the person viewing, the device used to view the image, and our eyeballs! With sublimation and fabric dye lots, although it is quite precise, slight color variations can sometimes occur.

If you have a physical product that is a color you would like your gear to be – Tell your rep! We can do color matching to that product for that specific color.

How Should I Wash My PTS Garments?


  • Garments should be washed separately before initial use.
  • For best results and maximum wear, uniforms should be laundered immediately after each game.
  • Garments that cannot be cleaned promptly after wearing should be hung individually on rust proof hangers or hooks. Perspiration fading may occur if wet garments are left in a pile.
  • Do not wash white and colored garments together.
  • Wash all garments in cold water.
  • The water level in the washing machine should be kept high to hold down mechanical action. Only when uniforms are extremely soiled should the water level be lowered to increase mechanical action.
  • Avoid overloading the machine as this causes shrinkage and impedes the cleaning process.
  • Use an antistatic agent, especially on garments to be tumble dried, to minimize lint attraction and spark discharge.
  • Never use a chlorine bleach on any garments as it fades colors and weakens some materials.
  • For best results, garments should be hung to drip-dry but sublimated gear can be put in dryer.
  • When tumble drying, use the lowest temperature or “air” setting.
  • Remove garments promptly from dryer.
  • Do not dry clean your uniforms.
  • Garments should be completely dry before storing.
  • Store uniforms in a cool, dry area protected from sunlight and fluorescent light. This will prevent mildew and yellowing.

PTS will not be responsible for shrinkage or defects caused while merchandise is being imprinted by sources outside of PTS. We go through great lengths to insure our colors consistently match. However, due to slight variations in the dying processes, subtle color differences do not constitute defects in materials or workmanship.

What Is Your Return Policy?

For Blanks: We can return or exchange blank gear. Please contact us within 5 business days from receiving your order to report issues and we will help to resolve them or issue refund after items are returned to our office.

We are unable to offer returns due to incorrect sizes being ordered. Please be sure that you review and understand the size charts we provide OR purchase size samples before ordering! Every manufacturer’s sizing varies, so you must use our sizing charts or size samples. We cannot be held responsible for your garments if they are not sized properly. If you are between sizes, always round up to the larger size. Styles, colors and sizes are subject to change at anytime and without any notice.

For Custom Gear: PTS will provide returns or exchanges only if we failed to follow your approvals or order form details. We rarely make mistakes in production, but in the event we do, we will make it right and will do so quickly. PTS IS NOT responsible for incorrect sizes, numbers, logos, or names provided by the team. Our recommended method for sizing is to purchase our size samples and return them when you are finished using them (you will be refunded). If you are unable to do that for whatever reason, you can use our size charts. If you don’t understand how to use them, tell your PTS rep and they will help you, but DO NOT guess on sizing.
To prevent cosmetic issues: We send artwork for your approval – Please be sure of your artwork when you approve it! You also receive a Mini and a Full Size Sample for approval – Please thoroughly take the time to review these to be sure it matches your artwork as you expect. We will do the same but we strongly suggest you take an active role in the approval processes so that you aren’t disappointed by something that you could have caught at the right time. Also, please be advised that every company’s fabric, materials, and colors can vary to some degree. Please double check your colors. If you aren’t sure of a color or anything at all, PLEASE discuss with your rep! PTS will produce your gear based on what is approved and the details that you submit on our order forms.